“I am walking in my power! Thanks to you, Howie

By providing space, empathy and patience, Howie gave me the power to realise I had all my answers within. I wouldn’t have been able to reach that stage without his guidance and I’ll always be grateful for the impact he had on my life. Thank you!”

“I started psychotherapy with Howie during the Pandemic and described my situation as feeling like I’d fallen down a hole. My anxieties and intrusive thoughts were really hindering my life and I reached out as I felt I couldn’t get out of the hole on my own.

Howie was incredibly patient and despite my initial reservations, we were able to start slowly unravelling the drivers in my life so far that had contributed to my emotional state.

With his unwavering guidance, I was able to understand my emotional reactions better and reframe issues in my life in order that I could find ways to resolve them independently or simply make peace with events in the past. Above all else, Howie validated how I was feeling and was a stabilising influence in a time of great upheaval.

Thank you, Howie, – a very talented and incredible human being.”

I reached out to Howie last year as I was going through some huge changes in my life and I felt very unstable. Howie has a unique ability to really connect with you, providing a safe space so you can be yourself and discuss any issues in depth without feeling judged.

I have certainly found his support in these uncertain times helping me to organise my thoughts, and in result, made me feel a lot calmer in general. I am continuing my sessions with Howie to further develop changes I wanted to make within myself. I can honestly say that I have got the spring in my step back and I am extremely grateful for his support.”

Very comforting part of the day, where i can speak my mind and not feel judged. Very freeing, helpful and insightful experience.”

For some time I knew I was overwhelmed. I had a number of things I was fearful of tackling head on. Reaching out for help was without doubt the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I was at a point I knew I was going to lose one of two things; my relationship or my job and both meant the world to me.

Howie got in touch after a enquiry I made along with many others. I wanted to someone I could build a rapport with easily so I could be open and honest. Howie within minutes of meeting him put me at ease and we worked through together what was causing me stress. I never felt judged, in fact I gained confidence from Howie knowing I wasn’t the the most complicated client he’d ever spoken to…. Although at the time I did feel it! We found common ground and each week I addressed a issue one after the other.

Howie potentially saved my life with his expertise, I don’t write that lightly but I seen no way out of my troubles at the time. I’ve learnt so much and we’ve laughed and cried together. I’m flying solo right now with me being the most important person in my life but if it gets complicated again I know I have the confidence after our sessions to reach out to Howie again.

I can’t thank Howie enough for his understanding, challenge and guidance which has got me back to my best. It’s just not me who needs to thank Howie, it’s my family, my wife and my wider friends – Howie’s been a big part of getting me back to my best. Thanks for everything and I’ll never forget becoming the most important thing in my life.

Thank you Howie! I was going through a really challenging time, and you helped me make sense of how I was feeling. I have learned so much more about myself, how to love myself more and this new knowledge has helped me since we stopped working together. Thank you for making me feel seen!

“Howie has been the superhero of my life and led me to the light when I couldn’t see in the dark. His ability to be kind and gentle brought me the most comfort during our sessions and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome Howie helped me achieve. I’m endlessly thankful”

“Thank you so much Howie. Boundaries have changed my life. I will never forget our work together. Thank you! ”

“At first I was hesitant to pay for private therapy as the prices had been off putting compared to NHS free talking therapies, but I started to question the quality and the speed of service at NHS as they are extremely busy at all times. 

Finding Howie and getting therapy from him was by far the best investment I’ve made in my life. I wasn’t sure on how he would approach the whole process but if you go to Howie with goals that you want to achieve out of therapy I promise you that you will make progress. 

Howie’s prices are very competitive compared to other therapists and he offers a free 20 minute consultation prior to starting the therapy journey with him in which you get to choose wether or not you want to work with him. I highly recommend to go with Howie and make this investment for yourself, you won’t regret it.”

Howie has helped me to have a better understanding and relationship with myself. I have started to appreciate my processes and have a greater perspective on my place in the world.”

After coming off antidepressants and going through a big change professionally, I reached out for some further support , I could not have coped with coming off the medication with out the help. Sessions always felt relaxed and like I really mattered.

I’d always finish a session feeling like I could take a big deep breath. It has been eye opening to be able to look at my anxiety in a way I never had before and feel proud of my self for what I’d managed to over come. Thank you Howie.

I reached out to Howie when I was struggling to cope with recent trauma, and it was the best thing I did. 

Throughout our sessions I felt understood, supported and validated. Howie listened without judgement and was warm and considerate – easy to open up to. By asking the right questions, he helped me to notice patterns of behaviour and make better sense of things.  

I discovered stuff I didn’t know about myself, all thanks to Howie’s insightfulness, and feel much better prepared to move forwards with my life in a positive way. 

I can’t thank Howie enough for his assistance and I would recommend him highly.

For a long time I knew there were uncomfortable bits of ‘life’ that would be good to address. When personal and work reached a crisis point I knew I needed help. Being connected to Howie for support had an immediate impact.

As times got tougher the weekly sessions became my anchor. A little way in now and the insights, and recalibration are helping me make significant positive shifts. Whilst working towards a healthy ambience for my state of mind day to day I also feel equipped with more emotional bandwidth when faced with difficulty.

Howie’s listening, guidance and input without judgement have been invaluable. Our goal to defeat the end of level baddie feels less daunting and previously insurmountable.“