In some respects, by visiting my page, you’ve already made the biggest step. Recognising you need some support is often scary, but this may become the first step in the journey to become the best version of you.

Hello, I’m Howie. Welcome to my Psychotherapy and Counselling page.

You may be at a point in your life when you feel stuck, and unable to move on, and don’t know what to do. This is absolutely ok.

You may feel that your life could improve and that you could live it more fully. Definitely ok.

You may have noticed you keep repeating unhelpful behaviour patterns. This is ok, too.

It is ok, not to be ok.

My Approach

My work comes from an ‘I’m Ok, You’re Ok’ place – believing this is the healthiest position about life. It means that I feel good about myself and that I feel good about you and your competence.

I believe you have the capacity to think, and that you can use this capacity to make changes you want in your life. I believe people can decide their own stories and destinies, and these decisions can be changed.

The core of my work recognises that everyone is valid, important, equal of respect. You deserve to be seen and heard.

I recognise that it might be difficult to open up, so my support is non-judgemental, accepting and respectful. This is your space. Your safe space.

I also appreciate these moments, when you reach out for support, are not only difficult decisions in themselves, but the unknowing of what therapy – and change – may bring, could be daunting too. That is absolutely ok. I passionately believe that we can make the most of our lives by being kind to the genuine and authentic versions of ourselves. I am supported by my own personal therapy and professional supervision.

As sensitive and deeply personal topics are often explored during talking therapy, I will ensure the safety of our sessions together. The information you share with me is treated confidentially. I am a member of UK Council For Psychotherapy (UKCP), and bound by their ethical framework and code for professional practice. I comply with all GDPR regulations, and I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). I am fully insured (including for Ecotherapy) and hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate.

As an integrative practitioner, I have trained in, and use, various therapies and techniques, including Transactional Analysis, Ecotherapy and Mindfulness.

Limited low-cost therapy appointments available. Please get in touch to find out more.

Edit: Please note that currently, lower fee places are full. I will update this accordingly when this changes.