Sessions – are 50 minutes long. If we are working online, I will email you the link, and you agree to be ready online on time to start at the time specified. The session will finish on time.

Attendance – the therapy process works best if you commit to it. From experience, the best results from therapy happen from weekly sessions. It’s likely that as we work together the therapy will stir up old issues and it may seem that we are going backwards at times when in fact we are going forward. These are the times to really be aware that continued attendance will mean progress and change. You agree not to come to any session while under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

Cancellations – I have a 48 hour cancellation policy which means that I will charge in full for any sessions cancelled within 48 hours prior to the session. Your session time is always assured to be your time and kept for you. This is industry standard practice. If it’s possible to rearrange your session to another time that same week then your initial ‘missed’ session won’t be charged for. Send a text message to request an alternative time prior to the 48 hour window otherwise the full cost will still apply. Please note, whilst I will endeavour to find an alternative slot that week, it may not always be possible to change.

Fees – our session fee is agreed before we start work, with discount available for clients paying by standing order. Fees for online sessions are payable 24 hours our appointment. Online sessions are only guaranteed if payment is received in advance. In person sessions can be paid on the day via contactless. Please let me know if you need a receipt. You will be notified well in advance of any increase in fees taking place.

Confidentiality – I am a member of the United Kingdom Council For Psychotherapy (UKCP) and abide by their ethical frameworks and codes of confidentiality – a link to UKCP can be found in the ‘My Approach’ of my website. I will only breach confidentiality if I have concerns about yours, or someone else’s, emotional or physical wellbeing or safety, and will usually do so via your GP. It is therefore a requirement of my practice that you provide details of your GP and permission to contact them if needed. I will be obliged to breach confidentiality if there are significant child safeguarding concerns, or legal concerns to do with drug trafficking or terrorism. I may be obliged to answer questions about you in a court of law.

Breaks – there will be times when I take holidays and I will endeavor to provide as much notice as possible. I also ask that you notify me with as much notice as possible when you want to take holidays or have breaks for other reasons. All clients are free to take breaks from therapy, please note however that I may not be able to keep the same session time available for you, although I will do my best.

Supervision – I am required to present my work in clinical supervision to ensure safe and effective practice. All supervision is done on a confidential basis under the rules of UKCP and I will not disclose your identity. Supervision is beneficial to both therapist and client.

Data – I have a registration form that has your details on and this is kept on an electronic file on a secure (encrypted and 2FA enabled) cloud-based server. I may also occasionally keep brief notes (or recordings), identified on a first name basis only kept on an electronic file on a secure (encrypted and 2FA enabled) cloud-based server. ICO registration on request.

Endings – when you want to end your therapy we can discuss this in your session and agree an ending process. I ask for a minimum of 2 weeks notice in order to consolidate the learning, tie up any loose ends and bring our working relationship to a successful close.

I agree to the conditions set out above.

I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored in accordance with GDPR.